HELP! It’s eating my brain!!!!


This handsome guy is Mike. He’s the nicest, sweetest, most considerate, wonderful, boyfriend in the entire world. In short, he’s the best. I just HAD to do something nice for him.

So I made him a horrible brain eating monster!

Now, brain slugs are a huge responsibility, they require care, love, and a host for them to control in order to be happy, well adjusted monsters. Unfortunately, I forgot all this while I was playing with–er TESTING him, and things got a little out of hand.

The brain slug would like me to inform you now that I created him as I went, but we MIGHT be able to come up with a pattern if we really think about it, so please just let us know. We’d also like to remind you that when you vote this next election, please remember the brain slug party and vote to raise subsidies to the brain slug planet.

That is all.


About courtneykilledit

I am a twenty four year old mother of one in Columbus. I recently quit smoking and to keep the urge to shank a baby for a cigarette from becoming a reality I started crocheting obsessively. This blog is to keep my friends and family updated on my many, ridiculous projects.
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