The weather has gone from oppressively hot to pleasantly cool, and the air has a nice bite to it. Stores are overflowing with pumpkins and various pumpkin goods. Apple cider is sold by the gallons and the sales of whiskey have mysteriously gone up.Leaves are turning and falling from the trees into colorful piles that my daughter will soon destroy. Mike is whining like a five year old girl. These can only mean one thing–FALL!

Fall, of course, is hat season, and I have recently begun raiding the clearance section of Hobby Lobby for fun, unique yarns. For my first Fall 2010 hat I used an interesting novelty yarn made by Yarn Bee (which may be my new favorite commercial yarn maker) that is…variegated…sort of…but with different textures and areas with extra shine. This is a crappy picture, but I have taken all the guess work out of looking for the hat.
Seriously, hat!

And here it is from the side.

To make this hat, I started out as if I was going to make a relatively small tam, and then ran out of yarn. As a result, I got a type of inverted beanie which looks really cool as is, but would probably look just as cool using a regular yarn and cables. Also, instead of using a 5.0mm hook, as it suggested, I double crocheted using a 4.0mm, which left the stitches tighter, making the hat very warm. I’m pretty happy with it.

Unfortunately now, I have to make Olive, Mike, and everyone else some hats, so I can’t make any more for myself in awhile. 😦 Thankfully, my Fall 2009 collection is still in tact, so I have no shortage of great hats.

Still…I have lots of new clearance yarn, and oh so many ideas…

***I’ll try to take a better picture (as in, you can see what color it actually is, see the pattern of variegation, etc) soon. My real camera is currently in pieces and sitting inside a coffee container, so I’m at the mercy of my laptop and cell phone. Anyone want to donate to the “Courtney Needs a Freaking Camera” fund? First five donors get a free hat! ***

****By the way, I’m kidding about donations. Seriously. Don’t be thick.****


About courtneykilledit

I am a twenty four year old mother of one in Columbus. I recently quit smoking and to keep the urge to shank a baby for a cigarette from becoming a reality I started crocheting obsessively. This blog is to keep my friends and family updated on my many, ridiculous projects.
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