On Hats and my Severe Attention Defecit Disorder

Ok, so I’ve been seriously and amazingly busy lately. Terribly sorry for the lack of posting to all two of you who read this. To the rest of you, I never liked you anyway.

As I’m sure you’ve discovered, I make a lot of hats this time of year. If you’ve known me for more than one winter it is safe to assume you’ve seen at least two new hats a season on me, and a few of you may have had the luck to get me excited enough about a project to actually make you a hat. Congrats, you beat my ADD! (Side note–those of you waiting for Christmas presents, I finally finished them, I just have to get them to you.)

Here are some hats from this year. The first one I didn’t get to keep because I crocheted it at one of Mike’s concerts and the girlfriend of his singer really liked it. I can’t really say no when someone likes a pattern, so she got to have it when I finished.
She looks really cute in it. It’s got the perfect amount of slouch to it, and the “cabling” (I use that term loosely because they’re what I typically refer to as “idiot’s cables”) adds a lot of interest. I liked it so well I made one of my own. You’ve probably seen it already in a post to Stephanie I made a few months ago.
The yarn I used for both was actually from the Stitch n’ Bitch family, and both are wool blends. They actually crochet really well and have a neat sheen to them, so if you’re curious try it out!

The singer for Mike’s band also had a birthday recently, so I made him a hat too. It’s kind of big on me and Mike doesn’t photograph happily so you’ll have to understand that I made this for someone with a much MUCH bigger head than my own.

Again, note the fine use of idiots cables. I screwed a few of them up by forgetting to cable a few times. I’m not going to lie, I crocheted about eighty percent of this while drinking. But I caught both of the mistakes and…”fixed”…them.

This brings me to why I make so many hats in the first place. I actually have a whole slew of reasons, the first being that most of them are really, really easy to make and we all know crafting is better with a buzz (as is voting, parenting, watching reality television, and going to the museum). Also, most hats can be completeled in at worst, two sittings. This is ideal because I have the attention span of a gnat. Seriously, no one gets blankets from me–NO ONE–and that’s because I get so bored about halfway through them that I put it down and completely forget to finish it, find it a few months later, forget how to finish it, start feeling really guilty, start crying, get ice cream and go to the park. This is the cycle of a typical afghan for me; Gramma Lee I am not. With hats, even if I do get bored I can either figure out how to finish it or unravel it to make something else.

They’re portable, so I can crochet them at Mike’s shows or work and not have to carry too much, and they look so ridiculously cute! I get asked all the time why I don’t make scarves more often and it’s because of two things, the first being that they take forever to complete, the other being that while a really nice scarf looks cute, a really nice hat looks AMAZING. Case in point, this beauty that I made myself out of my Christmas yarn:

This is my favorite hat EVER and I’m probably going to sell the pattern because it’s everyone else’s favorite hat ever too. That’s the magic of a really great hat. Oh, and one more thing:

See that? That’s what I actually look like when I wake up. Now, I understand that you’re probably reeling in horror from seeing that but before you storm my house wielding pitchforks consider this–my family wakes up to that. Every morning. FOREVER. If you had to see that every single morning, wouldn’t you rather I put on a nice hat before coming down to breakfast? Exactly.


About courtneykilledit

I am a twenty four year old mother of one in Columbus. I recently quit smoking and to keep the urge to shank a baby for a cigarette from becoming a reality I started crocheting obsessively. This blog is to keep my friends and family updated on my many, ridiculous projects.
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