Hey Look, I Actually Finished Something

Some of you may remember this.

Hairy little fella, isn’t he? Truth be told? I’ve never put hair on an amigurimi before. Frankly, I’m not even one hundred percent on human hair. That’s why all my attempts to grow it out end in a frustrated hacking off of all hair once it hits about mid length. I feel awful for Olive, as every day I wake up insistent that this will be the day I master a french braid, and every day Olive goes out into the world looking like I paid a homeless man to do her hair. Needless to say, Hairy Harry Potter was a bit of an ambitious project.

But, after a restyling, carefully places limbs and of course, the ultimate accessory, I think he turned out pretty cute. Photobucket

We even went on a magical adventure together!

Here we are reading tea leaves, looking for clues as to where Voldemort might have hidden another horcrux!
Here he is looking through my Latin book for ideas for new spells!

And here he is defeating Voldemort!

Truth be told, I’m kind of attached to him. He’s a gift for my future sister in law Kristy (whose birthday was two months ago…) so I know I need to fork him over, but how often do you get to go on a magical adventure with a toy you made?

Oh well, I can just make myself a Neville!


About courtneykilledit

I am a twenty four year old mother of one in Columbus. I recently quit smoking and to keep the urge to shank a baby for a cigarette from becoming a reality I started crocheting obsessively. This blog is to keep my friends and family updated on my many, ridiculous projects.
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One Response to Hey Look, I Actually Finished Something

  1. Cassie says:

    Remember, Neville (unless you’re making early Neville) has to be teh hotness! And dapper as hell.

    Make that happen all over the place.

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