Busy Bee

I don’t know why I chose that as a title, seeing as it’s fall and the bees are all dead.

But it’s true, I have been busy as hell. Today, for instance, was Thanksgiving, and what did I do?

I made stuffing (from scratch!), whipped sweet potatoes (from scratch!), roasted brussels sprouts (duh!), mushroom gravy, tofurky roasts, two pumpkin pies: Photobucket and one apple coffee cake with a brown sugar glaze: Photobucket

You’ll notice there’s nothing in that pan. That’s because my entire family are pigs.

After all that, I made this: Photobucket

In fact, I made three of those today. Martha Stewart has absolutely nothing on me.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the following Christmas post. šŸ™‚


About courtneykilledit

I am a twenty four year old mother of one in Columbus. I recently quit smoking and to keep the urge to shank a baby for a cigarette from becoming a reality I started crocheting obsessively. This blog is to keep my friends and family updated on my many, ridiculous projects.
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One Response to Busy Bee

  1. Lori says:

    Hey, we can’t help it that the cake was so daggone good! It has almost replaced German chocolate cake as my favorite cake ever-birthday worthy. I loved your sweet potatoes-in fact, I’m adding them to the “gotta-have-each-year” list. You’re an awesome cook and baker!

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